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Round 2

first post: mlamers wrote: Hi everybody, after a long time of freeze I would like to re-cre...

latest post: Grosserbaer2 wrote: Hello Is a nice ProgramAt what for a time come the first beta versi...

Error: ListVisualModule

first post: GodzillaXP wrote: When I start SniffThat, I get an error: --------------- Error cre...

latest post: DocMAx wrote: same problem here. have to delete the file every time

Doesn't work with Windows Mobile 6!

first post: DocMAx wrote: Stops at "loading plugins"...

latest post: alco28 wrote: Dear Mlamers, I've download your great tool to use it on my bra...

Error when to many items in list??

first post: GodzillaXP wrote: A few weeks ago, I SniffThat crashed sometimes on WM2005 (tytn). ...

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