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Ap and Client scan

first post: chrizz wrote: Hello there, i've a question about a feature for your great prog...

KML export

first post: VikVik wrote: Export of collected data into KML file gave me positive Longitude i...

latest post: mlamers wrote: This discussion has been copied to a work item. Click here to go to...

beta 1.1?

first post: nakor wrote: What hapened to the beta 1.1 which was anounced for march 1st?

latest post: mlamers wrote: Beta 1.1 is on delay :) At the moment I have almost no time for...

Will there be an autoconnect function?

first post: crazykiwi wrote: Hi there! I used to connect to WLANs with Hitchhiker - in my ey...

latest post: mlamers wrote: this feature will be added to SniffThat in the future. I can't say...

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