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Error when to many items in list??

Aug 27, 2007 at 2:54 PM
A few weeks ago, I SniffThat crashed sometimes on WM2005 (tytn).

I had already a list this >200 APs.
I drove by car and sniffed a lot. ;)
But when I arrived and want to check how many APs I got, there was an error (sorry, dindn't remember) :(
I think the reason was, because the PPC went in Standby after a while. So SniffThat couldn't run correctly.
Maybe WLAN also turns off in Standby?!?!

It would be nice, if the PPC stays on while SniffThat is running.

Another guess for a reason could be a limited count of items in the list?!?!
I got almost 300 APs ;)

Now, that WM6 is supportet, I'm going to check this error again.